Saturday, 3 January 2015


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Happy new year!!! After my last moody Christmas post, I actually got some excitement from the season, especially the new year's eve which I spent with my new family. I was actually anxious about how it was going to be spent, but at the end I just had fun! So, I am here to welcome you to the new year with some good news. A few days ago, I saw the photo below on my friends blackberry display picture. Initially, I just had a very good laugh, but as I thought about it, I realized that a lot of people do gain some weight around the festive period. The sad part is, that weight isn't as easy to lose, especially as not everyone hits the gym on new year's day despite all the new year resolutions.  Lol

A few months ago, I wrote this post on how to achieve a fuller figure, I got some sincere suggestions that some people actually want to be slim and that some men do indeed prefer them slim. To that I said "thank you +Agbani Darego for winning the miss world and giving black African women and men a change of thought". I decided then to write this post, but nothing has prompted me to do so more than now that people have almost no choice but to add to little weight that can't be easily lost. So, if you fall into the category of persons who have inevitability gained some over the holidays and you are in no hurry to hit the gym this new year, then here are some tips for looking trim like you did before the holidays.

  • Ladies, it's time to bring out your pencil skirts.  If you didn't have one, then I guess it's time to do a tiny winy bit of shopping. A pencil skirt gives you that elongated look, making you look taller and very sophisticated too.
  • Secondly, if you must wear clothes with stripes, then go for those with vertical stripes.  They also create the slim look by making you look taller.
  • slide into the new year with some heels. Something a bit higher than what you are already used to.
  • When deciding what colors to go for,  make them dark with a pop of color (an accessory- bag, shoe, scarf, whatever).  
  • Assymetrical cuts are the in-thing at this time, whether they are the trend or not. Also it doesn't matter if it is a skirt or a dress or even a top.
  • The neckline of your outfit is extremely important, especially if you are busty. Go for V- neck or assymetrical cuts like the shoulder style or a bow on one shoulder. 
  • Create a waist by cinching it in with a belt. Also, a peplum top or dress with the cut on the waist rather than the actual waist gives you the slim tall look.
  • Long flowy dresses are also for you at this time. It not only makes you look taller, but also hides any excess baggage perfectly. 

  • No excess embellishments,  no ruffles, no ruching, it ends up adding unnecessary bulk to your frame.
  • No flared skirt
  • Nothing with bold prints, if you must wear prints, go for tiny ones. Definitely no horizontal stripes.
  • Don't go for one-size too big or one-size too small in an attempt to hide the weight. Guess what? It will further enhance it.
  • Be careful with that have the A-line cut or an empire waist dress. It can have the effect of making you appear taller when worn properly. It can also have the opposite effect of making you look shorter, especially if it is a short dress or skirt. 
That said, I hope this goes a long way to making you look and feel good as we move on in the year until you can find yourself in a gym, (please hurry and do so).

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