Thursday, 8 January 2015


Hello there everyone,

Right now, I'm in a jubilant mood and I want to shout a big ALLELUIA from the rooftops to my marvelous God. Sitting down on my bed, about to call it a day and turn it for the night, I began to contemplate on whether or not to write this post. While I was at it, I decided to browse through blackberry updates. A particular display picture caught my attention and made my mind up for me. This photo is shown below. The story of my miracle continues after the photo.

So, I woke up on Saturday the 3rd to see that finally, the harmattan decided to show up. (Harmattan is just like winter - the African type. It's cold and dry, the whole weather is hazy and bad enough to disturb flights but it snows dust. Lol). Anyway, so there is harmattan and I chose to lend a hand to do the dishes. The water was sooo cold, I was sneezing in minutes, literally! Well trust "the doctor" to have a handy explanation for that. The sneezing continued till the end of the day and I decided I may have developed catarrh afterall. I took a very hot bath, crossed my fingers and went to bed hoping for the best. (Doctors are the worst patients right?).

Woke up Sunday morning with more cold and a terrible shoulder pain. The shoulder pain, I attributed to poor positioning as I slept. My mother decided it was time to take some action, so she pulled out her medicine bag and gave me something for cold and a big jacket, since I was also traveling that day. The journey was mostly uneventful, but I remember waking up at some point and realizing I'd worn the jacket inside out. Got home. Still no Biggy. Did what needed to be done and went to bed. And I never go to bed early. 

Woke up sometime on Monday morning to my younger sister asking if I wouldn't be going to work. Thank God I was on afternoon shift that day. I slept most of the day, got up at 1pm and went to work. Work was terrible that day. First of all, one of my colleagues met me at the gate and told me about a mortality we just have in the emergency room. Secondly, there was an overload of patients from both the on-going johesu strike and the holidays. The emergency room was overflowing and I was alone. After taking over, I decided to review the patients, send some to the wards, some home, and stabilize the remaining. To cut the long story short, I lost 2 patients at the end of that shift, 30 minutes apart. I became very sad (thankfully I didn't get to the depression line). Again, the shoulder pain from the previous day became generalized body pains after doing CPR (cardiac massage). That day, when I got home, the first thing I did was sleep. I woke around midnight to eat, take some pain relievers  and headed straight to bed again.

By Tuesday morning, I felt broken. I ached from head to toe. I knew the harmattan was in town, but I also knew from experience that it wouldn't make me wear a leather jacket in the afternoon. I was beginning to think that something was wrong somewhere. I pulled out my own medicine basket, brought out my antimalarial drug, (in Nigeria, everyone thinks once you feel feverish, it's malaria until proven otherwise) called my senior colleague to give me the "go ahead" to take the drug, and he says "hold off on the drugs, why not get to the hospital so we can talk about it? ". I called my hubby, and he says "do a test first before throwing medicines in your mouth". (So now, I'm feeling like a drug addict, I tell you, we doctors are really terrible patients.  lol). So, I follow their advice and waited. After consulting with my colleague, he thinks I may be too stressed up. "Take some multivitamins and rest, he says". To tell you the truth, I was truly tired of taking medicines. I'd been taking antimalarials almost on a monthly basis. With joy, I headed home to start the multivitamins. That night was worse than the others. I normally bath with hot water, but that night, the temperature of the water was almost at boiling point, and I was still shivering. I called for my sister to give me a hand with applying some hot balm to my body. She obliged me, and as she applied, I began to complain bitterly. She also said it could be due to stress or lack of multivitamins. She however, said one very important single word - PRAY.

I did pray, and on Wednesday morning, I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. Until that moment, I hadn't realised that I hadn't heard that sound in a couple of days. (Somehow, I slept through it). I said a short prayer, got off my bed and made breakfast. At the end of the day, I felt even stronger. Filled with so much joy, I decided that maybe I should share it with you.

I don't know what you might be going through right now, or whether you have totally given up on God, I am here to tell you that he lives and he is true to his words (the bible). He is the same God yesterday, today and forever, and he never changes.  Call on him while believing and you'll be glad you did. Remember, his grace is sufficient for us.

Have you had any miracle lately?  Even the tiniest one? Maybe a near miss? Then, feel free to share your experience with the rest of us.  Someone out there may be in need of some encouragement.



  1. As a doctor, don't you think that it was the multivitamins rather than the prayer that cured you. You have been applying some medicines that took time to kick in and it did about the time you had the prayer. Anyway miracles do happen, I believe so.

    1. Thank you Doz for your comment. Yea, it could have been the multivitamins, but I didn't take any yet. I also knew I had malaria. It is the first time and I know the symptoms.

  2. The power of prayer is the most powerful there is. I never leave home without it! You may be a doctor, and wreak "miracles" of healing every day, but it's because you've been given that power by a much greater being! Remember that, and you shouldn't go wrong! Good luck and many days of making life better for others.

    1. Thank you very much Isobel for sharing your thoughts here


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