Monday, 30 March 2015


Good morning everyone and welcome to a new week with exciting possibilities.  The A - Z blooging challenge kicks off in barely 2 days. It is my first time on the challenge , and Isincerely hope I pull it off! I hope you would also join me on this journey for a month. Over the course of the next one month, I'd be writing posts on 'medical drama' - my theme for the a - z blogging challenge. However, I'd occasionally write some unrelated articles (the regular stuff I usually write about - food, fashion, decor and whatever comes to mind). So, on some days, I'd write and publish twice. (Please bear with me).

Last week, I gave a little teaser on the beddings I've been working on, I also promised to be back with more. Today, I present to you, my black and white collection! A few of them have a pop of color - red. It was originally meant for my winter 2014 collection, but things didn’t pan out then. Glad it's all good now though. Here they are, have fun.

Let me know what think.


  1. Nwabueze Ogwuma30 March 2015 at 10:16

    Awesome..They are lovely!!!!

  2. Beautiful collection of black and white. Got me thinking why I don't have these classic colors.


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