Saturday, 28 March 2015


Hey everyone,

Enough of all the sad real life issues, it's time for some fun stuff. Ladies, this is one of those posts you get to sit down, relax and read. Guys, you can join in too and air your views. You are the ones we try so hard to look sexy for most times, no? So, quick question, "what makes you feel sexy?"

There is this perception by ladies that the more skin we expose, the sexier we appear. So it's more boobs, more legs, no sleeves at all, plunging necklines e.t.c. To many other folks, it's about the "assets", the bigger the boobs, the bum or the hips, the better. This is the reason I believe, we have ladies developing low self esteem over issues that shouldn't arise and running to plastic surgeons (qualified and unqualified) for implants. 

Recently, for some reason, what seems to appeal to many, including the guys, is an independent lady. Someone who knows what she's about.. someone who knows her onions. She has to look and be smart at the same time. Gone are the medieval times when all that mattered about women were their looks.

I believe that a sexy woman should be smart and hot. She is one that can joggle her job/career, family, housework e.t.c. at the same time without breaking out a sweat. Wouldn’t that be nice? Anyway, sweat or not, be sexy is very important to both a men and women. Whether you are a career lady or a housewife, undergraduate or graduate, employed or unemployed, it is essential to have something that makes you uniquely you and that is sexy.

As to what to wear to make you look sexy, well, like I said, scanty, undersized clothes doesn’t make anyone look sexy. It makes you look trashy. If you don’t believe me, picture a guy in jumpey trousers with the waist so small it doesn’t button up properly, a shirt so small, the sleeves are short of the wrist, asking you out on a date. What would your response be? Better still, maybe he has cut-outs on some strategic (not so pleasant) areas on his clothes. What would you think of him. Please, disregard whatever it is you see on music videos, movies and some red carpet events. I am almost certain that majority of these people don’t go out dressed the same way. So, do not end up appearing desperate for attention in the name of looking sexy.

A sexy woman should be whatever she wants to be, but unfortunately, she shouldn’t wear whatever the hell she wants to wear. Many of us feel sexy in many different ways. Have you ever woken up so happy, feeling sexy with a skip to your step, feeling like you can do anything? It may have just been the perfume you were wearing, or a set of matching lingerie, a beautiful nightie you slept in e.t.c. do you thing? I love to hear from you, let me know what makes you feel sexy. I feel sexy when I’m on heels. It makes me feel like the world is my runway and I can accomplish anything.

Finally, cleanliness is next to sexiness. You simply can't be dirty, disorganised and sexy. It just doesn't combine well. Hope you enjoyed reading this, let me know what you think.



  1. I enjoyed this post, Karen. Well thought out, well written.
    At 57 I am often guessed much younger as I have a youthful complexion and laugh a lot. (not that silly girly laugh though - robust and with intention is my laugh).
    Anyway, I have a 28 year old daughter. I like being her mother and I do not compete with her in the looks department. I encourage her, as well as myself, to find our inner beauty first and let it be our guiding light.

    I'll be back for more of your post. As well as checking out what you'll be posting for the A to Z Challenge. Have fun with it!

    Cheers, Jenny
    2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador

    1. Hello Jenny, thanks for passing by. Glad you loved the post. Looking good is always good business. Thanks also for the encouragement.


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