Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Second post for today, and I'm pretty much excited. It's just a few hours to we get into the month of April, the month of the a-z blogging challenge and 5 days to Easter sunday. I realized that I was thinking of easter decorations, then it suddenly hit me that I hadn't written a post for the month of March! 

So, without wasting any more time, I’d let you in on my ideas for repurposing your Christmas d├ęcor for the month of March. March has almost no significant holiday except for the international Women’s day. So, I had a few ideas for the month of March. Here they are;

  • A parade: a march pass, how about arranging your decorations like they are on a parade marching down the street.

  • A second thought though almost irrelevant was arranging them in the shape of a “match stick” or a fish for "pisces".  It’s a hilarious thought but it’s all about being creative right?
  • Last and final thought that came to mind was arranging your decorations like they were playing a football match. Better still, a football match pitching the feminine characters against the masculine characters of the decorations. This was my best. 

That’s all for this month, have to run, I have a challenge to prepare for tomorrow. Hoping to get the post for repurposing of Christmas decorations for the month of April out on time.


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