Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Finally! The collation of the much awaited and anticipated results of the presidential elections of Nigeria 2015 is over and we have a winner in the person of General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB), despite many troubles caused by both parties. Nigerians and the world can breathe at last. In my experience, this is one election in Nigeria that got almost everyone involved. Many friends fought verbally on facebook and twitter, unfriending themselves and so on, even family members were opposing themselves. People were glued to their radio and television sets with their pen and paper, writing out the results as it is being announced, myself included. (We didn’t need any foul play at all!)

Prior to the elections, I had no idea that to win, a candidate was required to have 25% of the votes in 2/3rds of all the states. Let’s take a look at the results for each of the state. This is for the benefit of mostly the Non-Nigerians, Nigerians in diaspora and the very few Nigerians too busy to get in contact with a radio or TV. 

*Please these results are strictly for APC (General Muhammadu Buhari – GMB) and PDP (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan – GEJ). For the results of other political parties, kindly visit a news blog or online newspaper or INEC website. Thank you.

State                              APC                             PDP
Abia                                   13394                             368303
Adamawa                         374701                           251664 
Akwa Ibom                       58411                              953304
Anambra                            17926                             660762
Bauchi                             931598                            86085
Bayelsa                              5194                               361209
Benue                                373961                             303737
Borno                               473543                              25640 
Crossriver                         28368                               414863
Delta                                    48910                              1211405
Ebonyi                                19518                               323653
Edo                                     208469                               286869
Ekiti                                    120331                              176466
Enugu                                 14157                                553003
FCT                                    146399                                157195
Gombe                              361245                                  96873
Imo                                    133253                               559185
Jigawa                                885988                               142904
Kaduna                              1127760                              484085
Kano                                  1903999                                215779
Katsina                               1345441                                  98937
Kebbi                                   567883                                 100972
Kogi                                       264851                                149987
Kwara                                  302146                                  132602
Lagos                                   792460                                  632327
Nasarawa                              236838                                 273460
Niger                                     657678                                   149222
Ogun                                      308290                                 207950
Ondo                                      299889                                   251368
Osun                                      383603                                   249929
Oyo                                         528620                                   303376
Plateau                                  429140                                    549615
Rivers                                      69238                                   1487075
Sokoto                                      671926                                   152199
Taraba                                    261326                                    310800
Yobe                                           446265                                     25526
Zamfara                                  612202                                     144833
TOTAL:                                     15424921                               12853162

The interpretation: PDP got 25% of the votes in 25 states and APC got 25% in 27 states. However, GMB had more votes than GEJ with a difference of almost 2.6 million, hence making him the winner of the 2015 presidential elections and president elect of Nigeria.

Permit me to analyze the entire campaign and electoral process till date, In my opinion, GEJ shot himself in the face. While the APC campaigned with manifesto of what they intend to do if they are elected, PDP campaigned with things they thought they have achieved. For example, you can’t come out and tell me that you have improved power by 4000megawatts or so and I don’t see light for up to 7 hours in a week. He also campaigned against APC with GMB’s past, throwing more light on GMB, portraying him as a formidable contender. The Final blow was becoming so desperate it pissed off many of his supporters. The areas that I think GEJ failed are in fighting corruption, providing power and security. I have to pay my respects to 2 important people that made this election a success;

  • Firstly to Prof. Attahiru Jega for the best elections held in the history of Nigeria. Thank you, Sir, for a job well done.
  • Also, kudos to you Sir, GEJ, the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for conceding defeat honorably to forestall any unnecessary violence.
My elder said something that I think we should take away from these elections, “never give up”. GMB has refused to give up since 2003 and now he has made as the president of Nigeria. Congrats to GMB! Long live Nigeria! Let’s wait for the next four years. If we get an unsatisfactory result sheet from GMB, then we also vote him out.



  1. Well said my sister. Well said.

  2. Yes o. Congratulations GMB!!! But trust Nigerians na, if he doesn't perform, we will vote him out.

    I also give some credit to GEJ for accepting defeat and congratulating GMB. Very unlike many Nigerian politicians.

    1. True talk my brother. He better perform or see himself out.


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