Monday, 13 April 2015


Just pondering on a very common belief and wondering why? Why do people say no one can have it all? Commonly, it is believed that a woman cannot have both beauty and brains. However, if she does, then there has to be some sort of problem with her relationship life, or she has to have some other form of unfulfilment. For a man, he either has to be a smoker, an alcoholic or a womanizer. Notice that nothing is said of how he looks, if he’s intelligent or even his pocket size.

These same postulators of the above mentioned theory go on to say that, “a good girl always gets the bad guy and vice versa”. These all cummulate to the one ultimate belief “that no one is perfect”. The funny thing about all these is that we all swallow it hook, line, sinker, fisherman and boat. We believe it and pass it on, to the next generation.

About being perfect: Is our creator – God – perfect? Does he make imperfect things? Like; does he set out to create a person then says, “Oh I just have to make this person as ugly as a duckling, and the next as beautiful as a swan?” Who says a duckling is ugly by the way and a swan is beautiful? (Its neck is too long – just kidding). But seriously though, who determines who and what is perfect and what isn’t?

I remember reading in the bible that we are made in his (God) image and likeness. If we are, how come we are imperfect and he is perfect? To show you that God tries to remove imperfection from the world, this is my medical evidence. Did you know that about 85% of first trimester miscarriages are those of fetuses with one chromosomal abnormality or the other?

I think most of our imperfections come from our experiences, decisions, mistakes and actions. For instance, a pregnant woman that smokes and drinks alcohol, shouldn’t blame anyone but herself if an imperfect baby is delivered. A young man with risk-taking behaviour has himself to blame if living life on a fast lane catches up with him.

Finally, I am sure that, in God and with him we are perfect just the way we are. This is just me thinking out loud. I may be wrong. I would like to know what you think about it though.



  1. Perfection comes from *balance*. Beauty is a factor of perfect proportion, or *balance* again. Fairness is synonymous with *balance*. Justice is the result of *balance*. In Almighty God's universe everything must *balance*. the language of the natural world is mathematics, and in maths everything must *balance*. To live a happy, healthy, and successful life we must have *balance.
    Our perfection as individuals is a balancing act.

    1. This is deep Mr. Adela. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Perfection is neither inherited nor inborn. When we do mistakes, then learn from those mistakes, and re-hard-work and then only we can be a perfect person and can achieve perfection.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful and near to reality concept of life.

    1. You are welcome Mohinder, thanks for stopping by.


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