Monday, 27 April 2015


It’s the final week and I can’t say it’s been easy. Infact, it has become more difficult, (especially since I write my posts everyday). So, today I’m lazying about watching movies all day, couldn’t sit at my computer to write a line, couldn’t open a book to read, slept off at one point and woke up to continue doing nothing. Then, I ate dinner with hubby and wasn’t still too lazy to do the dishes, so I continued watching more movies. The problem wasn’t that I didn’t have a topic to write for letter W, (have had it for months). I have an angle that I wanted to go with, I just didn’t want to write a post and come off sounding like a little “know it all” and unable to relate with my readers.

So finally, I get up to go and do the dishes as it was getting too late and a thought from one of the movies (actually a line in the movie) came to my mind – waiting to exhale. That one line just about summed up what I wanted to say in my post. Again, it seemed to be a better title than the one I’d chosen earlier. Just so you know, it was “waiting room”. The waiting room: a place that so many people know as the reception in so many other organizations. It is a place where people wait to get attended to. In the hospital’s waiting room, there are so many things going on. Some people are waiting to see the doctor, and others are relatives who brought the patients. There are people waiting to hear the news on their relative’s health. The expressions are numerous, from sad, to tire, to pensive, to depressed and so much more. The one thing they all have in common though is that they are all waiting to exhale; waiting to breathe; waiting to be told that the news isn’t as bad as they’d thought; waiting to hear that even if it is indeed that bad, that they would pull through it all.

Have you ever been in the waiting room of a hospital before? What was your experience like?


  1. It's never fun. The triage system is democratic in that it applies to all cases. Just because you are a "big person" with a small problem should place you ahead of an "average person" who is seriously in danger. I haven't needed to sit in the waiting room for years now. Thank God for that, but I'm glad it's there, and I'm doubly grateful for caring physicians like you Dr. Keren.

  2. Your day sounds like mine. One of those nothing days where nothing happened. They're good occasionally.

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity

    1. Yeah, occasionally good. Nice to meet you.

  3. We're almost at the end of the Challenge, Keren, so hang in there. :)

  4. Ya , you choose a good point to discus


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