Thursday, 17 November 2016


It is with a very heavy heart that I write this post today. It actually began when I found myself reading some friends' outraged reactions on their status messages on facebook concerning the beating and burning to death of a seven year old child in Nigeria. Out of curiosity of course, I went in search of the video/photos - sorry I couldn't bring myself to post the videos/photos here. What I saw was horrifying!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. It was so horrible, I wept! I couldn't watch the entire video. I went on to make a comment and somehow I started reading through the previous comments. Almost all of the reactions ranged from outrage to disgust to sadness, then I read one blaming the president for the mishap. This really made me angry, and so for the first time in six months, I am blogging. I have only two things to say;

First of all, what is the world turning into? How can people watch others committing an injustice or even watch something bad happening and all they can think to do is bring out their smart phones and start filming so they can upload to internet to get views and become popular? It is simply unfathomable to me. It is exactly the same thing that happened when the dana flight crashed and caught on fire some years ago. People started filming instead of helping or looking for help. How does your filming save a live? Yes, I know some people will say they filmed it to have evidence and to fight against such injustice. But, let me ask, what if you actually make a call (the original reason for phone production) to the police or similar agencies, even the media houses and report the incident as it happens. Let no one say they don't have the numbers of these people because all you need to do to get it, is search for it on google. Google is not for searching for the latest sexiest videos and photos.

Secondly, how could the actions of 20+ adults who beat another individual -a child no less- to a pulp and proceeded to burn him, be the fault of the president? Is this the first time that this has happened in this country? A child stole something (not sure exactly what it was) and he is killed in cold blood and you blame the president for it because of "the situation of the nation"? This is the dumbest excuse or argument I ever heard. In other words, the people who brought on the excuse/argument are saying to me "if anyone crosses my path or maybe the path of someone who crossed my path, kill them and when asked, say the president caused the nation to be in a situation that made you so angry". Wow! Are you a fish? these people can't even qualify to be a fish. Right from secondary school we are taught the characteristics of a living thing - MR NIGER DAL C. The "A" stands for adaptation, that is what is expected of human beings, not kill each other at the slightest provocation.

After I saw the video, my first reaction was to curse down the perpetrators including the cameraman or woman who most likely did nothing to help - which i did in my home. But all I have to say to them is that God will be the final Judge of this matter. 

"......He that is without sin, let him first cast the stone ...." - John 8:7

Dear Nigerians, let us not let the internet steal away our humanity

Cheers All
See you soon

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