Thursday, 12 May 2016


In exactly seventeen days, it would be 1 year since the current president was sworn into office. How has he fared so far I ask? What has he been able to accomplish? Is the office worse than he expected? Is it no more what it used to be in the early 80's? Well, that is for Mr. President to answer. Today, I just want to give my own personal appraisal of his time so far. For so reason, I don't have the patience to wait for seventeen more days. 

The last post I wrote before I took an almost 1 year holiday from blogging was one with the country in a terrible fuel crisis, funny that I should begin publishing  again with the same fuel kpalava. In the last one year, Nigeria has seen some of the worse fuel crisis in its history (well since I was born and that's a lot of years). Funny enough, sometimes I can't seem to rationalize the reasons behind these crisis. It's either the independent marketers are not satisfied or the Niger-deltans are blowing up the pipelines like they always do or just some other funny story. So, today you can imagine the feelings of many Nigerians when it was announced that the current price of fuel is N145/per litre since fuel subsidy has been removed. Well, let's all watch and see how it all plays out.

Secondly, let's take a look at the dollar, the exchange rate moved from N150 to $1 to well "they say the official exchange rate is N197 per $1 but I can't seen to find anyone who has changed at that rate in the last one year. Last I checked, a dollar was going for N320+. For a country that is highly dependent on importation, I wonder how we are suppose to fare. God dey.

PMB promised us security, well in that aspect, maybe there has been some improvement, because it's been awhile since I heard any gist on boko haram. So it's either really true that they have been slowed down or I don't really watch the news. But how do we explain these fulani herdsmen who are attacking people randomly all over the country? The worst part is oga president has not said a word to rebuke it. I'm not saying it's his fault oh! But when you are the leader of a large amount of people from diverse cultures who are maybe 50% ignorant and who get most news from hearsay/gossip (salt and pepper added), it is better to say a few words to pacify than to be quite.

The biafra issue of a few months ago is story for another day. I simply can't go into that now. (If you really want to know what I think of the matter, just hit me up in the comment box below).

Who can tell me the exact number of trips the president has been on in the past year. I've lost count and worse part is we mostly don't know the reasons for these travels. We still dey look.

Finally, the policies are killing us, and not softly. I think I believe PMB like GEJ has good plans for the country, the problem is the implementation. While GEJ couldn't seem to find the courage to implement and carry out "his plans", PMB is pouring his out without checks. He bans the ability of people to pay-in dollars to their domiciliary accounts, that plan backfires, then it's reversed. He bans the importation of generators, increase the light bill when PHCN (the Nigerian light company) carries out it's daily operations on generator. As I write this post, I'm running on generator. And so many policies I can't even bear to remember right now.

PMB may have great plans, but he can only succeed if he carries Nigerians along. That is one task I don't wish on anyone because frankly speaking, majority of us are a bunch of culturally, religiously, politically biased impatience people. My fellow Naija people try patient small,maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Like I've always said PMB is not the messiah of Nigeria, he may be the John the baptist or even Isaiah , who knows? We still have a long way to go.

I don talk my own. Talk your own make we hear.

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