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Designing a child's room can be very easy or pretty daunting depending on the child. Most of the time though its easy especially if it's a room for only one child. If it's a boy, then the best color to go with is in the shades of blue sometimes green while for a girl, choose shades of pink. Purple and orange may also play a role. 

It is important to try a find out what the child has in mind, because some children even as young as 2 years know what they want and giving them otherwise could spell trouble. Apart from the colors, kids like certain designs in their room ranging from just a general love of animals and flora themes to specific cartoon characters and action  figures they see on television. Some others love music and the arts.

In planning a kid's room, you really have to consider your budget because if the child's opinion is sort and he's dreams and expectations go beyond your reach, then you are in serious trouble  simply because they do not really understand the meaning of the word "compromise" yet. When the budgeting has been sorted out, you move on to what you really want the room to look like and how you want the children to feel each time they enter the room. You also want a timeless room that can grow with the child so you don't have to redecorate ever so often.


This is easy as there will be no clash of interest. you are pretty sure the color/ colors are mixed and most likely one theme, either Dora, barbie , hello kitty for the females or power rangers, Ben 10, spider-man for boys. It is always safe to go with plain colors on the walls or graphic lines wallpaper and accessorize with these characters.

What do you need in every bedroom? A bed of course, wardrobe, reading table and chair and shelving. Accessories may include rugs, throw cushions, artwork/ picture frames, mirrors (a very stationery one, if possible screwed to the wall, otherwise forget it). Don't forget your curtains/blinds and your beddings, here you can really go all out with the characters. Some parents complain that their kids are too busy looking at their favorite cartoon characters on their beds and they don't go to bed early. Well this can happen in the first few days after the decoration has been done but they soon tire of it and go back to sleeping promptly. It is not particularly safe to put up any object that can be easily broken and might become harmful to the children in their rooms as they may have problems maintaining them while they  are still little.

Room for a girl
Room for a boy


Now creating a room for two or more kids is daunting, worse if their age differences are very wide apart or they are of mixed gender groups ( I mean a boy and a girl). Imagine one person saying batman and and another screaming barbie!!! maybe a third just wants mickey mouse and his playmates. Phew! Now if they are all boys or all girls, somehow the color palate would come together. So, I recommend that when decorating for a mixed gender or mixed age group, don't ask for what their best television character is, instead ask for the color they like best. You can use the best color of the eldest person in the group on the walls and use the remaining colors for accessorising. You could also try a 2-tone  wall if the colors are not screaming at each other. Accessorize as above and you are good to go. Make use of double decker beds where there is space constraint. A room for mixed gender should have an equal proportion of the primary colors for boys and girls (blue and pink respectively) and some non-specific colors (green and yellow, lilac, purple or orange).

A room for 2 boys
A room for a girl and a boy
A room for 2 girls and a baby

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