Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Apart from bathrooms, I think our hallways and stairs are another part of our homes so often neglected. This might come as a surprise or a mere confirmation to what you already knew.  We should know however, that our hallways and stairs are usually the first impression your guest have of you and this is the entrance to your home. It must be kept neat and tidy at all times. Well, if you decide to step it up a little bit, it isn't a difficult task. There are very few accessories necessary to change that space from drab to FAB!!!

Picture frames and artworks: If you have excess pictures and artwork, feel free to use the walls as your gallery. On the stairs, I like the step-like pattern of picture arrangement, it flows as you climb up and down the stairs.

Mirrors (beautiful ones), don't forget they tend to make the space appear larger than it really is. This is very important for narrow hallways and stairs.

Flowers - live or artificial, doesn't matter. I prefer a live plant though because it takes all the Carbondioxide and gives me Oxygen 

The 2-tone wall design is not only restricted to your bedrooms and living areas, nope your can do same for these spaces under discussion. Use a chair rail to divide the walls in two if you can't be stressed. Add effect by painting the handrails a bright color or making it a work of art.

Lighting: Hallways tend to be in the middle of the house with little or no access to direct sunlight, If you  are fortunate enough to construct your own house, try to avoid such mistakes. However, if you live in an apartment, all hope is not lost. Get beautiful chandeliers or table lamps to light up the space

A Lounge and/ or small coffee table, if you have enough space in your hallway.

Don't forget if there is a window on the hallway or stairs, it's an opportunity to put up a beautiful window blind or curtain. If it is a glass wall, leave it be please.
Have fun redecorating your hallways and stairs!!!!!!........ Cheers!!!


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