Wednesday, 1 May 2013


If I told you that approximately 9 months ago, I knew next to nothing about blogging, would you believe me?  A friend of mine once told me it was kinda like a website where you write down all that came to mind. This description sounded like a diary to me and I personally am not one to keep a journal much, I really did try to. And when friends of my younger brother Dupsie of "theeyeofdupsie" blog and her elder sister, Ofure who came visiting and tried to talk me into opening one I was reluctant, mostly because I didn't have a clue what to do with the blog once it was opened. Anyhow, they convinced me to start blogging, persuaded me that it would get my designs on beddings noticed by a larger audience. They said "if you have nothing to write, just post all the photos of jobs you've done". And so, I got started.

I posted photos a few times with minimal descriptions and decided I wasn't satisfied with just that. I thought to myself, "this blog was opened because I wanted to showcase my products and increase my business opportunities / clientele".  What I didn't know was that people might just think they were photos gotten from the web. Then I started getting trickles of pageviews. Believe me I thought I'd just start this instant and a thousand people would see your blog and make comments and order the products. That didn't happen.  I had to start informing friends about my blog. So, to make people believe I am as good at decorating as my photos say, I decided to write articles about designing. Another thought crossed my mind, people will simply say "so, it's all from her note in whatever design school she attended or could easily have gotten them from the web". Now don't get it mixed up, the web has its advantages.

At some point, it seemed like I was running out of topics to write about or discuss and the Easter/ April fools period came around, and for lack of what to do I decided to write about my experience during that holiday, guess what? People responded to that. At that instance, It dawned on me that even though people want to know how to decorate and redesign their homes effortlessly, they also want to feel like they know the author of the blog personally.

So, I decided to add some personal musings occasionally and to upload videos of jobs I carry out. I decided also to add so health topics especially pertaining to lifestyle, some articles on food and fashion and anything I feel like talking about that might benefit others. At this point I also decided to use some web pictures. I also joined some Google+ communities and I've made some acquaintances maybe even friends and they've been so helpful. I hope my little experience helps anyone who wants to get started on blogging and have absolutely no idea how to go about it. Cheers!

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