Wednesday, 1 May 2013


As always I come in contact with people from all walks of life in my profession. The Eweres are one of such wonderful people. We met while I was managing their dad in the hospital, we got talking and somewhere along the line, they heard about my business and decided I should be the one to redecorate their home as one of the ladies is planning for her upcoming wedding and she wanted the place to look breathtaking to the invited guests.

Here I have posted some "before" and "after" photos to make you appreciate it more.

In this room as shown by the "before" photos the drapes were very light and patterned, there was a christmas tree looking at me with the first quarter of the year over, pictures were hung on every wall, whether they corresponded in size and design or not, the coffee table was the side and there were extra side stools taking up the entire space. they wanted drapes to give the space a cooler ambience. So I took down the light drapes and brought in dark brown. It not only shields them from the heat of the sun, it also gives a contrast to the walls as opposed to the whole place looking bland. I took down all the pictures and artwork and used them on a free wall of the dining section. The centre piece on the coffee table was used as a basket for dumping keys and any little thing without a place of its own. Well I just cleaned it up, put in some dried leaves and crystals that originally came with it. I also changed the sitting arrangements and moved the extra stools to the balcony where the family can meet and hang out. The christmas tree took a walk to the storage. That artwork that looks huge because it is in a space too small for it was relocated to another part of the house and replaced with a more appropriate one.


This dining area had all its beverages on top of the table and refrigerator, there were jewelries under the table. All I did was remove that calendar and replaced with a stylish air-freshener, gathered all the artificial fruit in a tray and moved the beverages and cereals to the kitchen. I moved the big fan from the entrance of the dining to the far wall in the living room (shown above) lastly I turned the refrigerator around so they don't have to tell someone already seated for a meal to move so they can open the fridge. Notice the picture arrangement? well that's how it's properly done.


This room was full of mayhem and foolishness if I may borrow the words of Miss Niecy Nash of "clean house" show on style network. First of all the drapes are scanty and hung in a way I can't really describe. There were clothes and shoes everywhere. Thankfully the client knew what they wanted, all feminine colors like pink and purple. We started by clearing out the room, separating the important from the unimportant; clean from dirty. The room was cleaned and the drapes came in to give the final result.


 For this room it was just cleaning and proper positioning of the already existing curtains

The Family was very happy with the outcome of the whole process and decided to add throw cushions in the living room and properly style their balcony. The video of the event will follow shortly

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