Monday, 23 September 2013


The tropical climate cuts across Africa, South America, Southern parts of North America and even some parts of India. Mostly It is sunny with temperatures as high as 30oC and above and even when it rains, you can hardly ever have a temperature lower than 10oC. The tropics can be classified into the tropical rainforest and the beach. When you think of tropical themes, there are lots of things that must be put into consideration. 
  • The colors- We already know that for most African themes, the colors are in shades of brown and black, occasionally burnt orange. However in addition to those colors, when thinking of the tropics, think green especially if you are thinking of a tropical African design but think blue if it is a tropical Caribbean (beach) design. For the purpose of this particular topic, Let's stick to the tropical greens, the tropical Caribbean themed decor will be discussed under the "beach theme".

  • The trees come next, unlike the scrubs of the Savannah found in many safari themed decor, there are big trees in the  tropical rainforest. Some of them are fruit bearing, others are medicinal and the rest are not. They range from huge palm and coconut trees, mango and banana trees, mim tree e.t.c.
  • Flowers of the tropics: these add the brightening effect to the otherwise gloomy shady rainforest. They also come in a variety of colors like orange, red, purple, yellow e.t.c. The flowers include the Hibiscus, Orchids, Violets e.t.c.
  • The animals of the tropical rainforest are mostly the monkeys - gorillas, orangutan; birds like parrots (also very colorful) jaguars to mention a few.

Now you know the basics to creating a tropical themed room but you can't possibly plant a big tree in the middle of your living room or bring a jaguar into your bedroom but you can use wall papers and murals to create the effect your need. A parrot you can afford to buy as long as you can take care of it. Even go the extra length of putting artificial banana or palm tree as I have at home (as shown in traditional African themed decor). If you like it very simple and clean then add a touch of the tropics with your home accessories like I always say, "it's always easier to redecorate if you are changing up only the accessories".

Hope you had fun reading this topic and can recreate it in our own homes. If you can't just contact me *winks*. Don't forget you can mix any of the African trends to get on your full African vibe.


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