Thursday, 5 December 2013


The post came about initially as a discussion with my forever arguing brothers. Each trying to state why his career choice is better and more lucrative than the other's, and the need to try your hands at something else using your talent. This time it was a debate on the essence formal education and talent in acquiring riches. That was on Sunday. Amazingly, I went to work on Monday morning and the person preaching in the morning devotion says the exact same thing that my brothers concluded on the day before. Already, my mind was on over-drive and already planning on how I was going to share the information.

My first brother, (older) has a PhD in safety and environment. In this argument, he was for making the money. According to him, money makes the world go round. My second brother, the dentist, (younger) is what you call a bookworm. He is very academical, always for the books and gaining more knowledge. Unfortunately, my last brother, the lawyer who is the neutral zone wasn't available at the time and I had to fill in for him. (By force -  I was dragged into the argument). I'm also not good for the part of arguing in the neutral  zone. 

Anyway, the argument for and against the topic went on and one of them suggested turning to Google for some answers. (Since I wasn't of much use to them). They searched for the 50 richest men in the world. Lo and behold! There was not a single professor on that list. Some were MSc holders at best. Others were dropouts. Isn't it shocking? Take for instance Aliko Dangote, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg e.t.c. These guys made a difference using their God-given talents. They refused to conform to a stereotype Then they employed the professors. 

This is not to say that education is useless, nope quiet the opposite. Education is what gives you the edge in business or in using your talent over the uneducated. These guys aren't with no education mind you. Another scenario is that of the just concluded under 17 world cup. The Nigerian team won. The players (in all their 17 years) got N2 million each; the coaches, N3 million but the team doctor with all his education ended up with N500,000. One more example, read about the story of the master who gave his servants some talents and went on a journey in the Bible. Matthew 25: 14-30

The internet search was the tie breaker for the day. The conclusion drawn was to acquire your education but remain unique and creative. Some quotes by my dental philosophizing brother are shown below. Go ahead and read them, they make some sense. (Don't know if it's original or something he read somewhere. Will have to ask him).

1) "We are oceans at birth, but become streams as we grow. We may even become stagnant water at old age in terms of creativity".
2) "A child at birth is open to learning everything and anything but as they grow, they choose what to learn and what not to. What to retain after learning it and what to discard".
3) "Let your dominant interest be your education". In others words, do what you love.
4) "For true education is our continuous realization of our ignorance while false education is our continued realization of our intelligence".
True education breeds humility while false education breeds pride.
5) Education is a journey, it may also be a means to an end.


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