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Hello Friends and Readers,

As most of you already know, this is a joyful time in my life but it is with a sad (let me not use the word - "heavy") heart that I write this post. In Nigeria, that word "heavy" is usually reserved for obituary announcements. I am sad because of what the situation has come to be in my country. Many have seen celebrities and non-celebrities share their photos holding a placard with the inscription "#BRING BACK OUR GIRLS" on it. Well, here is what I think about the whole thing.  I am one of those who believe strongly in God, (we are a very religious people afterall) but also in hardwork. Isn't it true that the good book (Bible) says "Faith without works is dead?"

Most of us have heard about the kidnap of over 200 girls from Chibok, a village in Borno, a north- eastern state in Nigeria by the boko haram group. The same state where it is said boko haram group emanated from. We've also heard about the mayhem they've brought upon the country over these last few years. I remember going back to my school 5 years(2009) ago for my NYSC call-up letter. I remember praying fervently not to be posted to the north and I remember seeing to my dismay, Borno state against my name. I can honestly tell you that I was filled with dread. That was the beginning of the boko haram kpalava. They had just killed a young girl who was serving there, for wearing trousers. (Just so you know, the Nigerian corper uniform is khaki trousers for everyone, no matter your religious beliefs.) Then, the rumor was that she wore it into their mosque. Well, I didn't want to take any chances, so I redeployed to a state where I felt safer. 

Can I go down memory lane a bit more? That was the year President Goodluck Jonathan stepped into office after the death of late President Umaru Musa Yar'adua. Naturally, the Northeners were pissed about it. There is almost an unspoken rule on which tribe should succeed which in Nigerian politics. We all know. So, it seemed the northerners haven't gotten their fair share of terms to rule. (Guessing this is how they felt, I don't know). That year, on independence day, the very 1st bomb blast went off on eagle square, Abuja. As usual, it was "unknown men", then it became the faceless group-boko haram. So they couldn't be caught. Later some meagre moves were made in the bid to silence them. The most insulting of all the moves "to me" was trying to pay them off with hundreds of thousands of naira and offering them amnesty!!! like really?!!.... after all the killings!

Fast forward 5 years later to 2014, many more bombings and raids, countless lives (Muslims and Christians alike; boys and girls; the young and the old) lost to this sect and still they remain faceless according to our leaders. They (boko haram) tell us that they are against westernization, yet they use automated weapons, bombs and cars manufactured by western education. They wear camouflage clothing, I'm pretty sure it's western. They now boldly show them on the internet, another product of westernization. Still they can't be caught?! Amazing!!!... And then, we are back to the kidnap of the Chibok girls.

Due to the lackadaisical attitude of our government and the law enforcement agencies, many Nigerians decided to take matters into their own hands. It's my guess that the government thought we'd let this one slide as have been the trend for a long time now. People started protesting openly on the streets, (some were arrested for doing so). The hashtag #bringbackourgirls started trending on social media and it gained international recognition. Celebrities worldwide learnt their support by sharing photos with the placards. The international committee decided to come to our aid after 3 weeks and Nigerians are rejoicing while some others (only good at criticizing) asked "if they only just heard of our plight." My question is this;
  • What right do we have to question their motives anymore? We can't even help ourselves. Our leaders are too busy gallivanting from one country to the next in the name of meetings and conferences.
  • These girls have been kidnapped for more than 3 weeks now, what did our government do about it?
  • I'm almost certain that the rest of the world thinks as I do that it's all political.
  • Why can't we leave the medieval ages behind? We drive the flashiest cars, wear the most recent designer clothing, travel abroad like it's next door but we can't do anything to beef up the security systems. No CCTV cameras, the police use beat-up vans while the bokos use new hilux vans.
  • Furthermore, the general gist is that the police got the intel of the attack 4 hours prior but only gave chase 8 hours after the attack. Do you call that a rescue team/operation?
I could go on and on and on but I'll just stop by saying that those Nigerian critics should be grateful for the international aid offered, no matter the timing. It is my opinion that if they didn't want to help, they have every right to that decision. Abi una help them catch Osama Bin Laden when e be dey terrorize them? Una even help go find the missing Malaysian aircraft? mtscheeeewwww.......

Adios Amigos


  1. Thanks for sharing...still praying for these girls!!

  2. I definitely agree with you that despite the motive, any help should be appreciated. Unfortunately in this day and age we (countries) pick and choose our battles to fight, and fighting for humanity is not always at the top of the list. We have to weigh, like you said the political gains we can get from taking action, and how it can benefit us or whether they're investment interests we have to protect. Then comes humanity after publicity becomes so loud that we have to do something or lose the respect of the millions who are watching us. Three months and counting. I pray for their safe return.

    1. Thank you Jessica, love your comment.


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