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Yea, finally back to Nigeria and able to blog and attach relevant photos. Here is a story of our honeymoon. Destination, Seychelles through Kenya. One thing everyone including myself know about Kenya is their wildlife and safari parks fro tourism, what I didn't know about is their weather especially in Nairobi. Being from Nigeria, and Kenya also in Africa, I just thought the weather would be similar, so I didn't bother o look up the weather. I was in for a shock! We arrived in Kenya and the first thing that hit me was the COLD!!! and guess what? I had no cold clothing and I absolutely can't stand cold.

Racing to the airport - 1 hour to go

Checking in
About to take-off

Helloooo Kenya!!
It was a 5-hour flight to Kenya, we came in at night and 2 hours ahead of Nigeria, so we just changed money to Kenya Shillings, got a new SIM card, got a taxi and headed to the hotel. Second shocker!!! the hotel looked almost like what we saw online but it was older. (It was built in 1930, not properly maintained, so you can imagine). The staff was friendly alright, but thank goodness we booked for only one night, courtesy my husband. (He has a restless streak, always wanting to move from one place to another in the name of exploration, but not actually exploring the places. Lol). That night, I was feeling like a honeymooner, so  put on my sexy nightie, 2 minutes later, I was wearing my husband's jacket and running under the duvet for cover. The next day, the sun came up a bit, we had breakfast and checked out.

Having breakfast

Checking out of the first hotel
We went out to check out the sights and sounds of Kenya. First we went to the Elephant centre but they were closed, (they close at midday and we didn't wake up early). Then we went to the A.F.E.W giraffe centre, where we fed the giraffes. One of the guards actually said the saliva of giraffes is sterile, I still washed my hands after feeding them. We bought a few knick-knacks from the "zoovenir" shop (actually spelt that way).

Feeding the Giraffe

I'm holding the femur
Hubby holding the jawbone 

We went to see the Bomas of Kenya. They are dancers who tell you about the history of the Kenyans. Loads and loads of school children were there on excursion. I later found out that the place is opened from Wednesday to Fridays from 3 p.m for visits. We didn't stay to the end cause it was about to rain and we were yet to check-in to the second hotel. On our way out we saw these wild pigs roaming about. (I thought those were only kept in the zoo). There were many animals seen on the streets of Kenya, like the camels and monkeys. Did you know that wild pigs lean on their forearms to eat? I found out that day.

Hubby, Moi & driver/tour guide

The Bomas of Kenya
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It started raining soon after we checked into the Wildbeest Eco Camp. It was sooo lovely. Haven't seen quite anything like it before. What a coincidence, the resort, giraffe/elephant centres, national park and  the galleria shopping mall were located in a section of Nairobi called Karen! They said it was the area were the big shots lived. Something funny happened at the gate of the resort. So, we are at the gate and the driver told the gate-man that we were to check in, he seemed surprised. I wondered about it from a split second then let it slide. At the reception, all the guests checking in were Caucasians, The only blacks were the workers. I still didn't see anything wrong with the picture.Same thing at dinner. The unknown mystery unraveled the next morning after breakfast when we went to book for the safari game drive. The tour guide, Ian said he thought we were high profile Kenyans connected to the government or black Americans. When we said we are Nigerians, He was like: "well, it's the same thing". Funny right? Anyway, after checking in, we went jacket shopping at the Galleria cause I was beginning to freeze up as it was raining and the camp was made of just tents. No brick walls. Shopping of course didn't end with the jacket.

At the reception

That night, I was ready to throw "sexy" out of the tent but I did fight the cold a little and ended up with adding a sock to the nightie. (Guess I was adapting to the cold). By day 3, there was no sun at all, we had breakfast and went to see the wildlife on the safari game drive and safari walk. We also saw some Masai warriors even danced and dressed up like them. We learnt that the Masai warriors have to kill a Lion before they are allowed to get married. It shows that they can protect and provide for their families. We hooked up with my hubby's cousin for a night soiree on the town, just to check out the scenes you know. It was fun! We retired for the night early cause we had to get ready to leave for Seychelles the next day (HONEYMOON phase 2). That night, sexy was definitely thrown out of the tent. It was sooo cold! 18 degrees or lower for serious Naija babe like me coming from like 30 degrees or more. I began to pray for a better weather at Seychelles.


The Safari Game Drive

Burnt Ivory from Elephant tusks

Dancing with the Masai Warriors

The Safari Walk



Out on the Town

Then it was Bye-bye Kenya and HELLOOOO Seychelles!!!!!

Watch out for Honeymoon Phase II



  1. very nice, glad you guys had fun

  2. Waow! Nice experience! I love wild life and Kenya is a future destination. Thanks for sharing ur experience! Nikkyberry

  3. Great pictures and fun sounding experience! I'd love to experience Kenya and Nigeria one day! Congrats on your marriage!

    1. It was really lots of fun Jessica. Please try to visit. It's beautiful

  4. I wanna visit Africa but its hard for me to believe when you say its cold over there.Another scare is poor sanitation and health.


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